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Webinar: How to use cold calling in your outbound sales development strategy to generate leads and demand. 

45-min of sales and marketing insights for B2B leaders sponsored by ProSales Connection.

If you need to generate leads and demand and you're interested in cold calling as your outbound strategy, but have some questions or doubts, then this webinar is for you. With nearly 12 years of experience in cold calling and over 2 million calls made, we are here to set the record straight on what works and what doesn't. 

You will learn 5 SDR best practices and 5 mistakes SDR teams make when prospecting for new B2B opportunities. 

Join hundreds of B2B leaders for 45-minutes of strategic and tactical guidance backed by data-driven insight on cold calling and lead generation best practices.

As always, we solve the most pressing and urgent B2B demand generation challenges using the Fastest Path to Revenue™ framework.


  • Date: October 6, 2020
  • Time: 1pm CST
  • Presenter: Mike Faherty
  • Platform: Gotowebinar