About ProSales Connection

Discipline, Innovation and Great Conversations

Who We Are.

We work hand-in-hand with our business-to-business clients to optimize their sales and marketing efforts by providing high quality sales development and outsourced insides sales programs.

Our unique approach and proven processes deliver best-in-class results

Led by a team of seasoned sales executives, our team has deep experience at Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller emerging enterprises. We are experts in the art and science of inside sales with an emphasis in prospecting.

At ProSales Connection, we engage in a process of continuous improvement to our outbound sales process.

We connect our clients with their target market and inspire prospects to want to learn more about our client’s experience and capabilities. We do the “early-stage heavy lifting of the sales process” so that the sales teams can focus on working the deals that will grow the business.

ProSales Connection is based in Houston, Texas.

Houston is home to a vast professional workforce and has a reputation as a fast-growing technology center. With a solid business infrastructure and central time zone, Houston is the perfect location to recruit and develop first-class inside sales teams.