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A critical sales pipeline optimization that bridges the gap between marketing and sales.

Our Sales Development team outbound prospects to targeted companies, as well as quickly and thoroughly responding to inbound leads to generate interest and ultimately secure a sales meeting for the sales team.

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Your Partner and Your Guide

Explore The Benefits of Outsourcing your Sales Development to ProSales Connection


Leverage our 13 years experience to get the sales pipeline results that you need now.


Enjoy the flexibility of being able to scale up your sales development resources with a simple phone call, and not weeks or months of recruiting and other capital expenses like technology and telephone licenses.


We can be on the phone generating qualified sales meetings for your team in just a few weeks.

Over 2.5 million outbound prospecting calls made and nearly $1 billion dollars in sales pipeline generated

The Onboarding Process

  • Ideal Target Market Discovery

    Every successful B2B marketing program begins with a list of target companies that look just like your best current customers.

  • Identify Ideal Target Personas

    Identifying a list of decision-makers most susceptible to your message and gathering the best contact information for each of them is paramount.

  • Craft The Value Proposition

    Crafting a message that succinctly communicates your organization's points of distinction and the exclusive value closely matched to your ideal target prospects requirements is a prerequisite for results.

  • Required Asset Development

    It's imperative to create call plans, email, and digital content that capture attention, advances the conversation, and inspires the cooperation of your ideal target prospects.

  • Implement Outreach Strategy

    We execute outreach and follow-up with rigor, discipline, and excellence while tracking activities, understanding the results, and testing for continuous improvement.

How to Get Started


    Schedule a 30-min exploratory call so we can learn more about your goals and priorities and find out if we should continue the conversation.


    We meet with you to better understand your business objectives and growth targets and set a campaign objective to help you reach them.


    We prepare a customized Solution Presentation to demonstrate to you how we'll achieve the Fastest Path To Revenue for your organization.


    We want to earn business. You'll receive a simple and straight-forward agreement that includes clear deliverables without a long-term commitment.

ProSales Connection is a proven investment in your success.

We are obsessed with growth. We are constantly testing the latest trends and sifting through what works and what doesn't. We employ proven best-practices that drive the growth results we need to help our clients reach their goals. We are experts in B2B growth strategy, marketing, and demand generation. We measure and track everything and communicate opening and directly with our clients.

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Sales Development is more than Appointment Setting

Scheduled Sales Meetings

Ultimately, we want to consistently set meetings with highly qualified decision makers and influencers for your team. However, the way we approach setting meetings for you provides more value than just appointment setting.

Company Profile Data

As we call the list, we continuously update the company record as we learn more about the organization and who the true decision makers are and their roles, providing you with a clearer picture of the companies being targeted.

Contact Profile Data

In addition to digging deep into the company and trying to get the right person on the phone, we will update contact information as we find the right decision makers and influencers. If a name or record has transitioned into a different role or company, we will make note of it, improving data accuracy.

Actionable Leads

Not everyone is ready to purchase at the time of our outreach. However, we have identified that they are the right person and are the right fit for your offering. We take note of these individuals and schedule follow-up calls with them at a time when they might be more ready to consider your solution.

"Through our partnership with ProSales Connection, we increased the responsiveness of our lead program and helped focus the selling activity of our sales force to leads which were pre-qualified. We also were able to increase the volume of pipeline development."

Roopa Misra | SVP, Global Business Development

Sales Development is a timeless and proven strategy for engaging and starting a sales conversations with your target prospects.

However, organizations find it expensive to launch, complicated to integrate, challenging to staff, and taxing to manage. If you think a sales development team is what your business needs, start with an outsourced partner who can help you learn and can grow with your organization.

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