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B2B Tech GPS Tracking Company sees high-quality sales meetings and significant pipeline value from ProSales Sales Development Programs
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 “Through our partnership with ProSales Connection, we increased the responsiveness of our lead program, and helped focus the selling activity of our sales force to leads which were pre-qualified. We also were able to increase the volume of pipeline development.”
- Roopa Misra, SVP, Global Business Development
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Independent Technology Provider Penetrates New Markets with 40% of Meetings Resulting in a Quote or Follow-up Activity
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  “ProSales Connection has done a great job of reaching out to current and targeted customers in a way that directly reflects the values of our company. We enjoy the business relationship we’ve developed with ProSales Connection and recommend them to many other resellers.”
- Craig Sehi, Vice President
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4 Years of Sales Development Propels K-12 EdTech Software Company to the Top 10% of the Inc5000
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"ProSales Connection has integrated our marketing activities with our sales activities. We are getting great qualified sales appointments and useful data that informs us on where we need to allocate resources and what is grabbing our target market's attention. Most importantly, we are closing more deals."
- Kenton Levings - CEO of Insights to Behavior
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VR Learning EdTech Company Grows Their Sales Pipeline with Qualified Meetings by Leveraging ProSales Connection's Sales Development
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"ProSales Connection provides our seasoned field sales team with qualified discovery sales meetings, which allows us to stay in front of new business opportunities and ensure our clients have the best experience with our solutions.”
- George Warren, VP - zSpace, Inc.

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