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Sales Appointment Setting
Real meetings with qualified prospects

The only way to capture attention and interest early in the buying process is to be proactive and start the conversation with your ideal prospects.

By outbound calling into your target market and setting sales meetings with qualified prospects early in the consideration phase, ProSales Connection will help you establish an advantage over your competition and increase your sales team's success rates. Outsourcing the sales appointment setting to ProSales Connection allows your sales force to do what it does best, build relationships with your clients and generate revenue. Leave the prospecting calls to your ProSales Connection team and know they are getting it done and that the calls are of the highest quality.

Each sales appointment setting program is centered on your solution’s unique value proposition, go-to-market strategy and brand. A pre-launch planning meeting is scheduled with your team to uncover the organizational and solution intelligence needed to penetrate your target market and secure successful 1st meetings with qualified prospects. A call plan is then designed and a prospect list is developed for the program. Next, our team is trained and prepared to begin having great conversations with your prospects. Our goal is to create enough curiosity and interest about your solution that we can skillfully leverage that interest into a commitment to schedule a meeting.

Unlike most sales appointment setting services, our team sets REAL sales meetings.

ProSales Connection will schedule real face-to-face meetings, virtual web appointments, or teleconference calls. Regardless of the meeting format, when a meeting is set with a prospect, an Outlook Meeting invitation is sent to the prospect as well as the sales person and accepted. The invitation includes a personal note, meeting details with a short agenda. Everyone knows there is a meeting, who will be attending and what the objective is for the meeting. Your meetings will be real and productive. Your sales force will make them a priority versus ignore them like you might have experienced in the past.

Sales-ready meetings in days versus months

Most sales appointment setting programs will be launched within 2 weeks of final agreement. Our proven processes and experience enables us to launch programs quickly and start delivering sales-ready meetings just days after launch. We leverage an iterative process to the program that allows us to gather feedback immediately. Timely feedback enables our team to make adjustments to the message, discovery questions and prospect lists in real-time. The more responsive we are, the better the results and the stronger the return on investment.

Because our programs are integrated with your sales and marketing organization there is no incentive to withhold information or “protect” our leads like you get with some “pay for performance” programs. For clients with on-going programs, all information on your program is yours. As we improve contact and profile data on your target prospects it is shared with you for other marketing activities. We want you to win… we want you to grow. This is at our core and anything that undermines that goal is rejected.

 Client Solutions

 Target Markets

  • Computer Hardware
  • Software Solutions
  • IT Solutions Integrators
  • Managed Services Providers
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Commercial and Enterprise Business
  • State and Local Government
  • Federal Government
  • K-12 and Higher Education

Some benefits to establishing a sales appointment setting program with ProSales Connection

  • Quick time to launch with professional staff prepared to drive results immediately
  • Consistent pipeline of new qualified prospect engagements
  • Expanding pipeline aligned to meet your revenue goals and strategic business objectives
  • Optimize your sales force by focusing them on later stage sales opportunities versus cold calling
  • Sales people will love you because they don’t have to come up with any more excuses for not making cold calls at their next pipeline review


"We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our program.  From the in-depth planning and message development to the number of appointments set and the quality of the meetings, everything was beyond our expectations."

Interactive Marketing Company – GM and VP of Sales