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Helping B2B technology companies grow faster since 2009.

Every business is unique. We’ll engineer and execute a practical growth plan that helps you reach your business goals. Our specialties include inbound marketing, outbound sales development, email marketing, and social media marketing.


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The perfect strategy at the right time.

From startup through first growth stage

When you must hit your growth targets but can’t afford to go head-to-head with your more established competitors, you call ProSales Connection because we help you find the Fastest Path To Revenue©️. Maybe you have a few great salespeople on your team who just need a higher volume of qualified sales meetings with your Ideal Target Prospects. We can be your growth partner. We’ll develop the list, craft the perfect message, hone your targeting and personas, then test and refine them through a combination of digital outreach and outbound calling.

For maturing companies

You’ve developed a brand backed by a strong culture. You're working to refine your ideal target market and perfect the clear and compelling messaging it takes to influence them. You’re looking for brilliant ways to replicate success and scale your company. We can help bridge any gaps you might have between sales and marketing, and we can also help you scale to new heights through targeted outreach and by helping you execute new marketing strategies to help you achieve your growth targets.

For mature companies in global Enterprise

We help enterprise companies who have highly developed sales and marketing teams and require an outbound calling program to ensure timely and thorough action of  your internally generated leads to set appointments for your sales team. When you require a provider who can deliver quality results within your requirements with the excellence indicative of your brand, let us be your first choice.


How we can help you...

For Founders and Chief Officers

If you need a predictable pipeline that operates at scale and are considering an outsourced partner who can help you reach your growth targets, then schedule a 15-min exploratory call with us.

For Marketing Leaders

You're working hard to generate leads and getting inconsistent results. We'll increase your lead flow, then phone qualify each lead before scheduling real meetings for your sales team. Plus, we'll provide you clear reporting on every phase of the process. Schedule a 15-min exploratory call to see how we can help.

For Sales Leaders

When you need a higher volume of sales appointments, we’ll make cold calls for you, qualify your prospects, and schedule meetings for your team. Could you make your goals if we doubled your sales meetings? Schedule a 15-min exploratory call and let us deliver qualified sales meetings for your team.

For Sales and Marketing Team Members

Having a hard time building a sales pipeline of new qualified leads and sales meetings? We can help. Get access to our time-tested process. Watch over our shoulder as we show you the exact process we've used for over 12 years to generate leads, book meetings, and close deals.  Access our content here.

Meet your guide on your journey to faster growth.

Team up with the B2B growth experts

As the trusted adviser and partner to hundreds of B2B technology companies, we know how hard it is to build a sales and marketing process that delivers a consistent sales pipeline for your business.

Since 2009, we have developed and mastered a set of processes to help our clients grow their revenue.

You'll benefit from time-tested outbound calling integrated with cutting-edge digital marketing outreach and intelligent marketing automation that generates qualified sales meetings.

The 5 pillars of Growth-Driven Marketing

We'll guide you through our onboarding process and do all the heavy lifting to ensure your marketing program is successful and you can reach your growth targets.
Step 1 Ideal Target Market Discovery
Every successful B2B marketing program begins with a list of target companies that look just like your best current customers.
Step 2 Identify Ideal Target Personas
Identifying a list of decision-makers most susceptible to your message and gathering the best contact information for each of them is paramount.
Step 3 Craft The Value Proposition
Crafting a message that succinctly communicates your organization's points of distinction and the exclusive value closely matched to your ideal target prospects requirements is a pre-requisite for results.
Step 4 Required Asset Development

It's imperative to create call plans, email, and digital content that capture attention, advances the conversation, and inspires the cooperation of your ideal target prospects.

Step 5 Implement Outreach Strategy
We execute outreach and follow-up with rigor, discipline, and excellence while tracking activities, understanding the results, and testing for continuous improvement.
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What life looks like after you adopt Growth-Driven Marketing.

Whoever said you can't have speed, value, and quality wasn't trying hard enough.


“ProSales Connection provides our seasoned field sales team with qualified discovery sales meetings, which allows us to stay in front of new business opportunities and ensure our clients have the best experience with our solutions.”

— George Warren | VP, zSpace, Inc.


“Through our partnership with ProSales Connection, we increased the responsiveness of our lead program and helped focus the selling activity of our sales force to leads which were pre-qualified. We also were able to increase the volume of pipeline development.”

—Roopa Misra | SVP, Global Business Development


“ProSales Connection has done a great job of reaching out to current and targeted customers in a way that directly reflects the values of our company. We enjoy the business relationship we’ve developed with ProSales Connection and recommend them to many other resellers.”

—Craig | Vice President, Sehi

A partner you can trust.

We believe when great companies succeed the world becomes a better place.

  • Be ethical: Always do what is right, especially when it is most difficult.
  • Be excellent: Don't just protect our client's brand, improve it.
  • Champion's attitude: Always be friendly and kind. Professionalism is paramount. Collaboration over competition.

Getting started is simple.

Here's what the next 3 steps look like.

Exploratory Call

Schedule a 15-min exploratory call so we can learn more your goals and priorities and find out if we should continue the conversation.

Solution Presentation

We prepare a Customized Solution Presentation to demonstrate to you how we'll achieve the Fastest Path To Revenue©️ for your organization.

Execute an agreement

We want to earn business. You'll receive a simple and straight-forward agreement that includes clear deliverables without a long-term commitment.

Success stories


$690,000 in Pipeline Generated

Results: Scheduled 215 qualified sales meetings during the program that resulted in $690,000 in new sales pipeline generated at a 484% ROI.


$7.76 Million in Annual Pipeline Value

Results: Scheduled 298 qualified sales meetings in one year that generated $7.76 million in annual pipeline value.


$12.3 million in pipeline opportunities

Results: Set 800 qualified discovery sales meetings in the first 20 months that earned $2.7 million in projected ROI.

12X ROI for SAAS Company

“ProSales Connection has integrated our marketing activities with our sales activities. We are getting great qualified sales appointments and useful data that informs us on where we need to allocate resources and what is grabbing our target market’s attention. Most importantly, we are closing more deals.” —Kenton Levings, President of Insights to Behavior

Schedule a 15-min introductory call.

How do you know if ProSales Connection is the right partner for you?

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We are a good fit if…

  • You operate a B2B company.
  • You sell a high tech or complex solution.
  • Your average order value is over $5,000.
  • You are a growth-minded decision maker in your organization.
  • You are skeptical but serious about finding a partner you can trust who can deliver results.

We know your time is valuable and growth is imperative. If this sounds like you, let's meet for 15 minutes so we can learn more about your goals and priorities. As a way to say thank you, we'll send you a Starbucks gift card!

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