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We bridge the gap between your marketing and sales efforts

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Are your inbound marketing leads not being followed up on quickly and thoroughly?

We qualify your inbound leads with professionalism, rigor, and speed through phone and email interactions. Once qualified, we will route the leads and sales meetings according to your specifications. This service is perfect for companies that generate a high volume of inbound leads but don’t want to overwhelm their sales team with leads that haven’t been properly qualified yet.

Fix the disconnect between your sales and marketing teams

The disconnect between the marketing and sales teams when it comes to marketing-generated leads is a very common challenge faced by B2B companies.  We bridge that gap utilizing our years of experience and hard work.

The Marketing and Sales Disconnect

The marketing team works hard and invests in a marketing program that generate a flow of leads.

But when the leads are handed off the the sales team, they are either ignored, or they are not actioned quickly. And, when they are called, the sales team might make one or two attempts to reach the prospect before they disposition the lead as "not interested" or "did not return call" or even "disqualified."

ROI cannot be identified

This of course makes it difficult for the marketing team to accurately assess the ROI for the marketing campaign that generated the leads.

This in turn can result in marketing budget cuts or worse.

Sales cannot Convert

Now, when you present this scenario to the sales team, the response is that the leads are bad because they can never reach them or when we do, they are not ready to buy.

So admittedly they are slow and inconsistent to work the leads, because they feel their time is better spent on networking and other "proven" business development strategies.

Marketing is working in the Dark

This creates a breakdown in the closed loop process where the marketing team does not get honest feedback on their marketing campaigns so they have no way to improve the results and the sales team continues to struggle with a dwindling stream on poor quality leads.

But there is a Solution.

By implementing a Lead Qualification process to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, all leads get actioned quickly and thoroughly.

The marketing team gets immediate and accurate attribution for their campaigns and can confidently refine their lead generation investments to get more and higher quality leads.

And the sales team only has to prepare for and leads sales meetings with qualified prospects. So the marketing becomes more effective and sales is more efficient.

35-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first

On average, it takes B2B sales teams 42 hours to respond to a new lead

How It Works

  • Acquire Leads

    The marketing team sends leads via email or through a connected system to our team.

  • Outreach

    ProSales Connection actions the leads quickly and logs each attempt along with any account profile data that uncover through their attempts.

  • Following Up

    Outreach will continue to the lead until there is a conversation or we determine future attempts will not be productive.

  • Meeting Initiation

    If a conversation yields a scheduled sales meeting, the meeting invitation is sent to the prospect and the sales person assigned to the lead.

  • Closed Loop Process

    Finally, a closed loop process is started to accurately capture any information about the success of the sales meeting so the marketing department can track the opportunity for ROI reporting.

A consistent and automatic process that makes sure all your leads are actioned quickly and thoroughly will improve marketing effectiveness, create more sales pipeline, and maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns.



"I just finished a very productive meeting with the VP of one of the largest high-end residential landscape companies in Houston. She told me that your team was the single reason she decided to visit with me today. She found the SDR assigned to my program as subtle, precise, and kind. Thank you ALL for your support and professionalism. Well done!"

Philippe Joubert, CEONewton Nurseries

Learn if a lead qualification program will work for your business.

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