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Inbound marketing is an essential element of any strong B2B marketing strategy, but it takes time to build momentum. With a sales funnel from a strong business development company such as ProSales Connection, we can accelerate the process through an integrated strategy that generates results in just days and weeks, not months or years.

Efficient Conversion

At ProSales Connection we are experts at building highly effective sales funnels that leverage world-class technology to design, optimize, and analyze results for lightning fast ideation and performance optimization.

How it Works

An effective sales funnel will have a number of critical elements working together in a system to generate leads and qualfied sales meetings with your target customers.


Aweness is usually a product a paid ad campaign such as search, social, or display. All add programs are carefully designed and optimized daily for peak performance.


Traffic is then directed to a well designed landing page ready to excite your prosepct about why they should take the next step and convert on the page to a lead.


When the prospect is ready for the next step in the process we offer then a Call-To-Action. We will work with you to determin the most effective CTA for your sales funnel. What can you offer your prospects that they would trade their information to get access to?


For most B2B companies with a complex solution, the action will not "Buy Now" but rather, schedule a demo or book a meeting. These are actions that drive large ticket complex solution sales pipeline growth.

A strong relationship between marketing and sales is critical to any business's success. By learning how your company can increase efficiency through Sales Funnel Development Services, your sales team will stay better connected to your marketing team — this relationship has the power to significantly boost conversions and sales.

"In my experience, the sales professionals at ProSales Connection are both dependable and responsible. We look forward to a long-term relationship with ProSales Connection and would highly recommend the firm to anyone else considering an outsourced inside sales program."

Online Solution for Education Market – President and Founder

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