Using the Active Demand Generation Methodology to Fill Your Marketing and Sales Funnels

Your business needs to grow. But, your strategy to generate sales leads and appointments is not working. There’s a good reason why.

The traditional methods of generating leads rely on basic data points. Anyone with a list of numbers and names could sit behind a desk and dial away. But, is that a good use of your company’s resources and time?

Absolutely not. There is a better, proven way to set up your marketing funnels and sales pipelines without increasing your budget.

That’s why ProSales Connection created the Active Demand Generation methodology to help your team get in front of B2B clients you want to do business with. The result is generating actionable sales leads and setting quality appointments that will lead to revenue growth.

The Active Demand Generation methodology should be a fundamental building block for your growing organization. But, in order to implement this revolutionary methodology to turn names on a list into opportunities, you need to understand three key principles that will feed the entire marketing and sales funnel.

Active Data Acquisition

You have a list of names and numbers in front of you. But, do you know if this person is a real decision-maker? How large is their company? Do they already have a product that you can improve on, or are they completely new to the market? This is where you make or break your marketing strategy with your approach to the data. If your strategy is to make cold calls and hope for the best, you will have a hard time building a sales funnel and accelerating the growth of your business. It’s about understanding this principle and leveraging your resources for the greatest impact on the business. And there is no greater resource than intelligent customer data - better known as ProData.

Active Lead Generation

Once you have tangible customer profile data to work with, you can leverage information into actionable leads for the Inside Sales or Sales Development team. Because the prospects have already passed the “fit” stage in the process, the Sales Development team is focused on connecting with the target prospects and trying to determine if it makes sense to continue to pursue them as a potential opportunity.

Active Appointment Generation

This is the most important step in the process. After creating awareness, interest, and desire for your product, now you need action. This means setting an appointment.

Because the first two phases of the Active Demand Generation process serve to build a roadmap for the closing of the first sales meeting, the Inside Sales or Sales Development team will have a more relevant, solution-oriented conversation. This will move more prospects to action than a typical sales development call.

A salesperson with accurate information and a compelling value proposition will quickly cross over from sales to a trusted advisor.

Because of the multi-step process, the conversion rate on actionable leads is as much as 20 times higher than a typical one-step prospecting call used by most Sales Development teams and other appointment-setting firms.

ProSales Connection is a different type of marketing firm. We understand how to turn a list of phone numbers and names into actionable leads, quality sales meetings, and ultimately new clients to help you grow your business.

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Mike Faherty

Mike Faherty is the Founder & CEO of ProSales Connection, a sales and marketing firm based in Houston, Texas. ProSales Connection specializes in helping B2B and technology companies grow through sales appointment setting and outsourced inside sales programs.

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