Content Marketing: A Faster Way to Generate Inbound Leads

B2B customers are driven and goal-oriented. They rely on high-quality content to make informed decisions fast. That's why content marketing is so essential for lead generation.

B2B lead generation has gone inbound. It's all about bringing leads to you, not the other way around. You need a B2B content marketing strategy that targets every step of the customers' journey.

An excellent content strategy doesn't just attract inbound leads. It generates quality leads that take action.

Kickstart your B2B content marketing strategy with these fresh inbound lead generation tips for 2020!

Amplify Your Voice at Conventions and Trade Shows

You may be living in the digital era, but content marketing goes beyond blogging and social media. Top B2B brands diversify their content strategies, offering a mix of digital and live event marketing.

Industry events, like conventions, workshops, and trade shows, are golden opportunities for B2B marketers. Your target customers frequent these events, looking for exciting products, services, and skills for their businesses. They also want quality at the best possible price.

Lucrative, long-lasting B2B customer relationships start at industry events, but setting up a booth at a trade show simply isn't enough in 2020. You need to take center stage to generate quality leads.

Draw B2B leads to you by booking a speaking slot at your next industry event. Conduct internal and industry market research to choose a hot topic that speaks to your target customers. Craft an integrated content marketing campaign to promote your speaking event across multiple channels.

Don't waste your speaking slot with a boring presentation. Create moments that go viral. Live events rack up millions of views on social media, which drives even more inbound leads toward B2B brands.

Go Live Online

B2B customers want to hear from industry leaders they trust, and new B2B brands need opportunities to become industry leaders themselves.

Webinars have a similar marketing impact as recorded presentations at conventions and trade shows. B2B customers crave informative content they can use. Like speaking events, this marketing strategy draws in interested leads.

This method is a content marketing machine. Once recorded, webinars can be republished through social media, email campaigns, newsletters, blogs, guest posts, and upcoming industry events.

Grow Awareness and Trust through Guest Posting

You know where your target B2B customers hang out, but what do they read? Your next content marketing challenge is to appear in your customers' favorite industry blogs and publications. This strategy is essential for growing B2B brand awareness and trust with inbound leads.

Like industry events, B2B customers read industry blogs to discover the latest trends and products in their niche. Don't waste your guest post on a boring topic. Stand out by targeting a relevant topic that matters to potential leads.

Guest posting builds trust with inbound leads. You can communicate processes, methods, and technologies that give your company an advantage without coming across as a used car salesman. Authenticity is essential for B2B marketing in 2020.

Don't miss an opportunity to talk about ROI in your guest post. Remember, return on investment is critical to B2B customers. If you're writing about a new manufacturing part, use data-driven examples to prove that it's worth the investment.

Generate Inbound Leads with B2B Display Advertising

Authoritative guest posting leads right into the next critical step in B2B content marketing - strategic display advertising.

The power of PPC for B2B marketing has been proven time and again, but PPC goes beyond search engine ads. You can advertise your brand directly on your target customers' favorite industry sites. Guest posting, search ads, and display advertising packs a powerful B2B marketing punch.

Start with the sites you're already reaching out to for guest posting. Next, discover where your competitors are advertising. Target new, up-and-coming industry blogs too.

Remember to take a data-driven approach to whatever marketing strategy you choose. Display advertising is no different.

Conduct more market research to discover common interests among your target B2B audience. If your customer profile is an IT purchaser in their 30s, advertise on popular sites for tech reviews, video games, and cybersecurity. This is a clever way to generate brand awareness among target customers while they're not at work.

Invest in Content Marketing Management Solutions

The best B2B content marketing strategies take management seriously. Stellar content is nothing without up-to-the-minute management. You can't successfully deliver or analyze a strategy without it.

Your display advertising strategy is an excellent example. You need a campaign management solution that identifies the best placement opportunities, messaging, content delivery schedules, keywords, and relevant customer interests. There's also PPC bidding and budgeting to think about.

Content marketing opportunities can slip through your fingers as soon as they appear. Invest in marketing management solutions that keep your campaigns on track.

Improve Your Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms are integral to B2B lead generation. Not only do you want to drive leads to your form, but you want to collect as much valuable data as possible. Consumer data is key for maintaining a strong inside sales and inbound marketing strategies.

Make sure your lead capture form is visible, user-friendly, and quick. Don't burden potential leads with a cumbersome capture form. Include questions and form fields that customers can fill out in a flash.

Your lead capture form needs a compelling landing page to match. Keep landing pages simple, but include quality copywriting with strong CTAs. For best results, offer visitors an incentive for signing up, like a free industry eBook or consultation, depending on your service.

Use the consumer data you collect from lead capture forms to create segmented email lists, so you can craft targeted email marketing campaigns. Invest in a data management solution that grows and updates your consumer data.

Turn Quality Leads into Lifelong B2B Customers

Lead generation is a cornerstone of successful B2B marketing. Prioritize your marketing results in 2020 and switch your attention to inbound. Use these latest tips to generate inbound leads that last. 

Are you ready to start generating high-quality B2B leads now? Check out the blog for more resources or talk to a specialist who can help right away. Content Marketing: A Faster Way to Generate Inbound Leads

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