Enter the US Market with an Outsourced Sales Partner

Over the years our company, ProSales Connection has worked with businesses based in other parts of the world that wanted to enter the US market, but thought that the effort and cost required was prohibitive for start-ups and smaller, fast growing businesses. But, that is simply not the case anymore.

For emerging companies, particularly technology oriented businesses, the real “brain-power” inside the organizations is usually dedicated to product development and servicing existing critical clients. There simply isn’t the bandwidth, “know-how” or funds available to build an entirely new marketing and sales force on the other side of the world to penetrate this new market.

Businesses that need to expand to the US in order to capture the sales volume needed to establish a viable business or to attract funding are often overwhelmed with the task of building a team on another continent.

Business leaders in this situation struggle with concerns like:

  1. Time zone challenges
  2. Travel expenses
  3. Local business regulations (taxes and licenses)
  4. How to manage the productivity of the employees
  5. Local business customs and culture
  6. Language barriers
  7. Recruiting
  8. Employee performance management

These are just a few of the challenges businesses face when expanding internationally to the United States.

For businesses that need to expand into the US market from places like New Zealand, Australia, India, China, Russia, Germany, UK and South America there is an alternative to building and internal sales and marketing organization in the US.

Outsourcing the Sales Function

Many businesses today are choosing to outsource the sales function to an outsourced sales partner based in the United States with experience bringing new products and technologies to the market for their clients.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing the sales function to a firm in the US are obvious:

  • Quick start – often in just a couple weeks a team can be up and running
  • Local expertise – a professional firm will have established business networks and expertise that they can leverage immediately
  • Turn-key operation – Programs can be easily budgeted for
  • Skilled sales force/Management – An experienced sales force that is managed and driven to meet your business goal and objectives.
  • Flexibility – An outsourced sales partner offers the ability to “turn-up, turn-down or turn-off” the program if business circumstances change.

At ProSales Connection, we specialize is working with international businesses, particularly New Zealand and Australian based businesses that have great technologies that need a dedicated sales and marketing effort in the US to take their business to the next level.

If you have a business based outside the US and you are planning to enter the US market, consider outsourcing the sales and business development function to an established and experienced firm while you keep your focus on product development and growing your business in your established local markets.


Mike Faherty

Mike Faherty is the Founder & CEO of ProSales Connection, a sales and marketing firm based in Houston, Texas. ProSales Connection specializes in helping B2B and technology companies grow through sales appointment setting and outsourced inside sales programs.

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