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Innovation is reclassifying the instructive experience for a large number of students - both young and "experienced" - throughout everyday life.

In this day and age, young students need the adaptability to learn at their speed and individually. Advanced methods of learning should be conveyed through tablets, PCs, and by means - cell phones.

Course suppliers, book distributors and learning organizations know this and are advancing in manners we've never seen. They're concocting innovative, mechanically progressed ways of assisting young students with examining their unique ways of learning.

With innovation turning into a central component, EdTech organizations run to place their stakes in this promising industry. All EdTech organizations have a similar objective of partnering with EdTech marketing services. However, while they are occupied with featuring their advantages and elements, they frequently battle to recount a convincing story that reverberates with guardians and teachers the same.

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Where Do We Stand?

At ProSales Connection LLC, we accept that EdTech organizations need to resuscitate their contribution by holding computerized media as the major correspondence hub while connecting with teachers, young students, or guardians.

As the market is becoming busy; we're seeing a sensational expansion in the number of organizations creating imaginative ways of conveying training to the present students. Putting resources into digital schooling can give your image a major advantage over the opposition.

As an EdTech marketing agency, this is where we come in. We'll assist you with effectively situating your organization as a forerunner in its field utilizing advanced promoting systems like Google Search and Display, web-based broadcasting mechanisms, email marketing, and lead generation.  From there, the sky is the limit.

The outcome: higher conversion rates. By incorporating our digitizing effort with email marketing, you can likewise yield ROI from both. For instance, we help you utilize your virtual entertainment handles to urge clients to pursue your email bulletin as well as the other way around. You can then involve your email records for paid designated promotion campaigns.


We offer EdTech marketing solutions.


Appointment Setting

Our B2B outbound lead process includes directing top to bottom exploration, building ideal client profiles (ICPs) and purchaser personas (BPs), hand-picking leads, making customized content for a multichannel outreach, calling, and messaging.

We aim to create B2B deals for your company.  Gone are the days when salesmen were doing every bit.

We take part in actively characterizing our objective. Our appointment setting process begins with characterizing who you need to target,  tracking down your objectives, and starting our campaign to observe leads who can result in qualified B2B appointments.


Outbound Prospecting

Outbound prospecting is entirely based on the pursuit. A definitive objective is to bring possibilities into the business cycle and convert them into clients.

Our business development representatives track down new leads and prospects, sending cold messages and settling on ambitious decisions. They collaborate with advertising groups to qualify inbound leads and overcome any issues among deals and promoting.

Our Account Executives are generally considered the "deal makers." They center around interfacing with possibilities, making introductions, and leading demos (for B2B deals these demos likewise, by and large, incorporate a specialized presale asset). They answer prospect questions, handle any protests, and preferably close the deal.


Lead Qualification

The leads are then taken care of into a lead capability system, where you can then pose a progression of qualifying inquiries to see if they're a decent or an indecent item fit.

From that point, the leads are partitioned into qualified and excluded leads. The certified leads are then taken care of into the deals interaction. Precluded leads are taken care of into a supporting arrangement, where they're in a perfect world that serves to warm them up, keep them engaged, and facilitate a buy later down the line.

Our representatives plunge further into the prerequisites and ideally show a client the benefits of collaboration.  Further, every one of our partners gets together to assess the choices as indicated by the characterized standards, and conclude which choices they like. 



A boon of the digital era, digital marketing is a key element of our business model. 

• We Contact a more designated crowd in a more financially savvy and quantifiable manner
• We proactively even the odds, particularly assuming you're an independent company
• We cooperate with possibilities and gain significant bits of knowledge from them
• Make sure we are hyper-customized with the target crowd
• Arrive at a commercial breakeven

We Know the Market

We have worked behind the scenes with hundreds of technology solution companies that focus on serving the Education market. These companies choose ProSales Connection because we:

Have deep education market expertise

Design solutions with a unique understanding of the education sector

We have a documented track record of delivering exceptional results for our EdTech clients

The crowded EdTech space is a challenge for new EdTech solutions on the market.

The decision makers can be difficult to reach and the buying cycle can make best efforts fruitless when marketing gets out of sync with the buying cycles of the Education market. With ProSales Connection, you have a partner that is hyper focused on delivering results in a way that not only protects your brand, but improves it.

EdTech companies need a marketing partner with deep industry experience.

The Education market is unique and challenging. Don't trust your growth potential to just any marketing agency, choose ProSales Connection for expertise, passion, and a relentless focus on results.

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