You Can't Help but Click: 10 of the Best B2B Call-To-Action Examples

A call to action is the vital endcap to any marketing message. If yours doesn't create a clear and concise drive for your marketing target to do something, something has gone wrong. What makes these call to actions work?

The best way to get a grip on why something works is to break down some call to action examples. While the specific wording and format can change depending on your intended base and brand, there are core elements in successful ones you can learn from. 

Keep reading below to see 10 calls to action examples and what their methods do for their intended targets. This could help to open your eyes toward a new method of marketing success. 

Running Down the 10 Best Call to Action Examples

B2B marketing is a process of connecting with other businesses, using lead generation to find the best targets, and crafting your marketing strategies to get the most success from each attempt. 

The key to ending your marketing push on a high note is the call to action. This is often a simple phrase or link that invites these businesses to give your product or service a try. A simple button or sign off doesn't cut it, but these 10 examples have something that might. 

1. "Try it Risk-Free"

We start off with a simple and effective idea. Many customers may have an interest in what you sell, but not be ready to invest. That last step can be difficult without some concrete evidence. 

When you offer a risk-free trial, you allow them to see for themselves if what you say is true. When they don't have to worry about a money investment or some catch to lock them into place, they feel more welcome to explore and take the time to enjoy your product or service.

This kind of call to action often creates the cornerstone of all the others. It helps to win over people on the fence with a simple idea: Why not? You have nothing to lose. 

2. "Build It Your Way"

When you are aiming for a niche product for a very particular audience, one of the best ways to win them over is to show how much you understand their thoughts and language. This call to action uses specific language and a focus on customization.

With this kind of appeal, you can turn even the most mundane product into a product tailored for them. It gets your audience invested, eager to have an item that fits them. Tying this to a landing page that lets them build their own package of products is the perfect way to seal the deal. 

3. "Talk With Us"

Not all marketing has a finished product you can put in a cart. Sometimes the sale is all about making connections and forming a community. When you need that, what you must establish is open communication.

Instead of a simple contact button leading to a bland contact page, make it personal. Make it feel like a conversation is starting and they have an invitation to have their voice heard. That gets people's attention. 

4. "Let's Do This...Together!"

In a similar vein to opening a conversation, a call to action needs to invoke a sense of togetherness. Even a risk-free free trial can feel like a commitment, but if the call to action brings a sense of camaraderie and promises that they are making a partner instead of a purchase, the security in diving deeper becomes more appealing. 

5. "Try It Now for Exclusive Bonuses"

Everyone loves free stuff and special offers are even more tempting. When your call to action offers additional products and services exclusive to them if they sign up now, it hooks them into both an interesting offer and a timetable. 

The focus then turns to the bonuses and the main product becomes an easier investment.

6. "Get What You Need"

Many products or services don't always fall under the category of need. Whether they are a luxury piece or a simple bit of convenience, it can be easy to pass over. 

You need a call to action that makes your audience reconsider. This can point out how you'll never want to go back or how some issues may stem from them not having your product. Once they see it as a need, they dive in faster.

7. "Be Awesome"

It can be surprising how much praise can help. Asking someone to do something, like sign up for a newsletter, with a simple link is bland and boring. When that link that tells them how awesome they would be to do so, it makes them feel good for helping out.

If your customer believes they are doing you a service, they have a bigger reason to step across the minor hurdles and reach out. 

8. "The Upfront Truth"

Marketing can often feel like smoke and mirrors to a customer. It is a lot of inflated truths and guarantees and businesses know this better than most. 

When a company is instead upfront about what they do, with no bells and whistles, then cynical uncertainty can fall away. Be truthful about what you do, and show them the facts and figures, and you'll change a lot of minds. 

9. "What Do You Want to Do?"

Sometimes your leads don't quite know what they want. They have ideas and goals, but until they see what they have as options, they'll never be able to tell you.

This makes a call to action that shows off a few options and pathways very powerful. Word your product or service as a goal that they might have but aren't thinking about. If they feel like you spark an idea, they'll want to follow. 

10. "See What Your Competition Already Knows"

Every business has an eye on its competitors and what advantages they are using. If something is a key to their competitor's success, they want to understand it and even leverage it for themselves. 

When you hook one client, you can use that allure to snag in their competitors too. When your product becomes a popular industry choice, your clients become vital referrals.  

Mastering B2B Marketing and Lead Generation With ProSales Connection

These call to action examples give you a powerful idea on how to appeal to your marketing leads. Some of them may fit better with your brand or marketing message while others work to target specific businesses. 

Mastering calls to action is one major step toward better B2B marketing, helping to create and use well-crafted lead generation. This is only the beginning. For more information and guidance, contact us today

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