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"With a big enough lever, I could move the world."
— Archimedes

The ProSales Connection Family

At ProSales Connection we are always looking for motivated people who are excited to create lasting relationships with our clients and their customers. Contact us today about open positions.

Why a Sales Lead Generation Company LikeProSales Connection?

ProSales Connection is a full service sales lead generation company and marketing firm, built to support the needs of our Business-to-Business (B2B) and technology clients. We are focused on one goal, delivering results that make a measureable difference to your business. You'll see us as a valued partner that is committed to winning in the market place.

ProSales Connection has developed sales and marketing capabilities that you can deploy strategically to drive business. A partnership with ProSales Connection allows you to keep costs low by leveraging our professional services in an on-demand model.

Sales Lead Generation Programs:
We strive to provide our B2B and technology clients with actionable, effective sales opportunities at a reasonable cost. The ProSales Connection team of inside sales reps partner with our clients to ensure new business closes quickly – improving your bottom line. We specialize in technology and B2B, generating and qualifying leads, as well as offering B2B appointment setting services. We have extensive business experience and provide effective integration of marketing and sales programs.

Sales Solutions Include:

Marketing Solutions Include:

Growing Your Business

Your marketing budget is critical to your business. It is the fuel that will power your growth. You know that every dollar spent must be leveraged to its fullest. Whether we execute a targeted Lead Generation Campaign to cultivate new opportunities and relationships or partner with you as your Virtual Marketing Department (VMD), ProSales Connection brings a disciplined and experienced approach to our service. We will leverage the right mix of capabilities to help you generate the very strongest possible Return on Investment.

ProSales Connection will deliver to your business a world class, outsourced sales lead generation program and marketing services that will focus and extend your existing sales efforts. You can now scale your sales force and marketing resources as your business grows without the burden of adding space, management, training and development, technology, etc. Contact ProSales Connection now for a free consultation.

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