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We have your ads delivered to your target customers across all relevant platforms.

ProSales Connection will determine the right platforms to maximize your online advertising budget. Platforms include search platforms such as Google as well as social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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There are two main channels for paid digital advertising.

Paid Search

We will research your target market and search terms your customers are using when looking for a solution to a business problem that you can solve. Paid search programs are heavily centered on optimizing the search terms and click costs. These two elements will drive the majority of your paid search performance.

Paid Social

We will work with your identify the profile of the ideal customer and leverage the most appropriate social platforms to reach your target market with compelling ads and offers. Each platform has its own nuances that we will navigate for you.

How We Manage your Paid Ad Strategy

  • Planning

    We work with your team to set goals, budgets, and KPIs to ensure the program meets all your business objectives.

  • Design

    We will design and create copy for your portfolio of ads that represent your brand and optimize for peak performance.

  • Management

    We proactively manage your ad campaign to optimize for conversion and return on investment.

  • Reporting

    We create regular reports to keep you informed and to provide insight for our team.

Real Results in Real-Time

Reduced Cost-Per-Click by over 200% for Insights to Behavior, an EdTech company.

"We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of our program. From the in-depth planning and message development to the number of appointments set and the quality of the meetings, everything was beyond our expectations."

Interactive Marketing Company – GM and VP of Sales

Learn if a paid online ads strategy will work for your business.

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