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ProSales Connection has extensive knowledge of the Education Technology field.  We know who to reach, and how to reach them.  This allows us to streamline the EdTech process for you to deliver the major benefits of a fully developed SDR Program at low cost.  We will target leads, qualify them, and set appointments straight to your calendar.  With no recurring contract, if you don't like our results, no problem!




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Our team at ProSales creates a bespoke Sales Development strategy for your organization based on your company's requirements, the needs of your industry, and your desired outcomes.  Contact us right away if you're prepared to begin developing your unique, revenue-generating SEO approach.


Limited EdTech SDR Campaign

$5,000 flat fee

60 Hours of Calling

120 Contact Records

7-Touch Sequence (Call & Email)

60-Day Campaign

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Standard SDR Campaign

$9,200 / month

100 Hours of Calling

Unlimited Contact Records

Custom Cadences

Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

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Comprehensive SDR Campaign

$21,000 / month

200+ Hours of Calling

Unlimited Contact Records

Custom Dashboard

Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

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Featured EdTech Case Study: Insights to Behavior

  • •  527 Appointments Set Over 4 years of Campaigns
  • •  927% ROI on ProSales spend
  • •  Website Development
  • •  Social Media Management
  • •  Email Marketing
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What is Sales Development and how does it work?

A Sales Development program is designed to assist your sales team in prospecting, qualifying, and setting appointments with your target clients.

First, an account manager will meet with you to discuss your company's needs, and then will work with you to develop or curate a list of target prospects for our experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDR's) to work on.

The SDR's will then reach out to the customers on that list in a refined cadence of calls and emails with the ultimate goal being to secure a sales meeting for your sales team.

At this point, all you have to do is close!

For companies with a solid product, but still lacking in the sales and marketing departments, this can be just the boost they need to send their company to the next level.

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Sales Development Campaign Details

Although we create unique strategies for each company we work with, the deliverables in our price table give you an idea of the breadth of service our Sales Development Programs offer.

Browse our deliverables to find the ideal Sales Development Service Package for your company here:



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Standard SDR

Comprehensive SDR

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Dedicated Account Manager

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"Through our partnership with ProSales Connection, we increased the responsiveness of our lead program and helped focus the selling activity of our sales force to leads which were pre-qualified. We also were able to increase the volume of pipeline development."

Roopa Misra | SVP, Global Business Development



Our Execution Method

We developed the 4 Levers Framework while executing thousands of marketing programs for B2B clients since 2009. All marketing programs are designed to optimize these 4 critical elements:

- Audience
- Delivery
- Message
- Activity

Continue reading to learn how our Sales Development Process can help boost your revenue, lead generation, and online presence.

The 4 Levers Framework

What companies do you target and which people within those companies are your ideal clients? We will leverage data analytics and old-fashion know-how to pinpoint the people that will buy your solution.
What is the most effective and efficient channel or approach for putting your message in front of your target clients? How do you communicate more about your brand while delivering your message?
What is your value proposition to your target market? How are you going to make their lives better? Where do you have a distinct advantage over your competition? And, what message will be most easily comprehended by your clients?
What is the cadence and frequency of your marketing activities? Busy B2B buyers require multiple impressions to make an impact. Are you doing enough to reach your goals?

What does a SDR Campaign Include?

Developing your sales department is key to developing your business.  But the landscape is so large, there are so many moving pieces, and maybe you are a smaller business that doesn't have time to be the full-time salesman while also running the company.  Whatever your situation, Sales Development can be a great solution for any company that needs to expand it's sales program.

Let's talk about some of the primary components of Sales Development
- Sales Appointment Setting
- Lead Qualification
- Outbound Prospecting

Sales Appointment Setting

B2B Sales Appointment Setting is a sales process in which sales representatives communicate with prospective clients and set up sales appointments for you, on your calendar.  During the initial interactions, your appointment setters handle all your B2B sales leads and appointment setting.

An appointment setter calls the key decision-maker and discusses the product and its benefits, and then once the appointment is set, your sales team takes over and closes the deal.

Effective appointment setting benefits businesses of all sizes. The most obvious indicators that your business needs appointment setting services are:
 - Your sales cycle is too long
 - Your sales team is burnt out
 - Your leads are unqualified

Lead Qualification Broken Down

We qualify your inbound leads with professionalism and speed through phone and email interactions. Once qualified, we will route the leads and sales meetings according to your specifications. This service is perfect for companies that generate a high volume of inbound leads but don’t want to overwhelm their sales team with leads that haven’t been properly qualified yet.

To further understand the benefits of Lead Qualification, it helps to understand the common disconnects between marketing and sales:

The Marketing and Sales Disconnect

1. The marketing team works hard and invests in a marketing program that generate a flow of leads

But when the leads are handed off the the sales team, they are either ignored, or they are not followed up on quickly.  And, when they are called, the sales team might make one or two attempts to reach the prospect before they disposition the lead as "not interested" or "did not return call" or even "disqualified."

2. ROI cannot be identified

This of course makes it difficult for the marketing team to accurately assess the ROI for the marketing campaign that generated the leads.
This in turn can result in marketing budget cuts or worse.

3. Sales cannot Convert

Now, when you present this scenario to the sales team, the response is that the leads are bad because they can never reach them or when we do, they are not ready to buy.
So admittedly they are slow and inconsistent to work the leads, because they feel their time is better spent on networking and other "proven" business development strategies.

4. Marketing is working in the Dark

This creates a breakdown in the closed loop process where the marketing team does not get honest feedback on their marketing campaigns so they have no way to improve the results and the sales team continues to struggle with a dwindling stream on poor quality leads.

The Solution:

By implementing a Lead Qualification process to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, all leads get followed up on quickly and thoroughly.

The marketing team gets immediate and accurate attribution for their campaigns and can confidently refine their lead generation investments to get more and higher quality leads.

And the sales team only has to prepare for and leads sales meetings with qualified prospects.  So the marketing becomes more effective and sales is more efficient.

Outbound Prospecting

Outbound prospecting is the process in which sales development professionals perform outreach to targeted prospects.

The ultimate goal is to share the company's value proposition and generate a qualified lead or secure a scheduled sales meeting for the sales team.

Generally, this kind of outreach is referred to as “cold outreach.”  This means the lead or prospect being contacted didn’t indicate their interest in your company before the sales team reached out.

Cold calling, cold emailing, and any other “cold” contact strategy is considered Outbound Prospecting.

Extension of Your Team
We take an administrative approach, ensuring every touchpoint with the customer is consistent and the transition to your sales team is as seamless as possible.  Our team of SDR's are all permanent, full-time employees with an average of 19 years of customer facing experience. They know who to reach, how to navigate an organization, and how to have a productive conversation with the right people.

Multiple Touchpoints
We take a multi-touch approach to prospecting.  If the target is unavailable when we call, we leave a voicemail, and then send an email as well. We will systematically continue this process, warming the prospect but with each touchpoint we reinforce your company’s name, providing additional brand awareness and recognition for your company prior to the first conversation.

Continuous Improvement and Follow-up
program. We also close the loop with your team to track the outcome of the meetings we schedule.  We will work to reschedule meetings if a prospect doesn’t show, allowing you to focus on your customers and opportunities.

How do you know if you need Sales Development?

There are many ways companies can benefit from Sales Development.  If your company identifies with any of the issues on this list, you should definitely give us a call to discuss if partnering with us can be worthwhile for you!

Signs you need Sales Development:

1. Your sales cycle is too long
Long sales cycles are common in the B2B industry, but they can easily be too long, causing prospect interest to wane.  Keeping track of leads in these long cycles can also be nearly impossible without a proper CRM

2. Your sales team is burnt out
There are many reasons a sales team can burn out including overwork, unorganized CRM's, improper attributing, bad cadences, the list goes on and on.  Sales Development helps you streamline these issues.  This can also lead to salesmen booking a meeting, just to book a meeting, rather than focusing on qualifying leads and saving time down the line.

3. Your leads are unqualified
Why are your leads spam?  Why are they not following up?  Why do they consistently fall off after 1 or 2 meetings?

4. Unclear or Unknown Value Proposition
What makes your business stand out?  "Good customer service" pales in comparison to "150 years combined experience"

5. Unclear KPI's
Chasing the wrong KPI can set your business up for failure.  It takes experience and sales knowledge, as well as optimization over time, to pinpoint the right KPI's for benchmarking your success.

6. Unclear View of the Competitive Landscape
Often clients will give us a list of competitors, and then through our own research we find others that are more highly relevant competitors in their industry, that they were unaware of.  An unclear vision of your market can severely hamstring your strategy.

7. Unclear Target Customer Personas
Personas are the bread and butter of prospect targeting and sales.  To make sales, you have to find the right people who want your product.  A Sales and/or Marketing department must develop thorough customer persona dossiers to inform all of their marketing and sales strategy.

8. Not Following Up
Every salesman knows that following up is key, but knowing is not the same as utilizing it in practice.  Many businesses fail because they do not chase their leads.  Proper, consistent follow up can be the difference between explosive growth and failure.

9. No CRM, or not utilizing a CRM to it's potential
Your CRM is the lifeblood of your sales cycle.  Humans are fallible and can only keep track of so much.  Tack on employee turnover, and then without a CRM you have virtually no reliable way to stay in touch with clients, especially over months-long sales cycles.  Proper use of a CRM, and tracking lead and lifecycle stages are a complete game changer.

10. You don't have a Sales Manager
A sales program must have a manager to ensure it's success.  All too often a business owner or executive will take this role upon themselves, without realizing they are throwing a wrench into a crucial cycle.  From handling the overall sales strategy, to hiring and firing, to keeping track of overall performance metrics, this simply cannot be done without expertise and the time.

Should you choose ProSales Connection as your Sales Development Agency?

For over 13 years we have conducted multi-channel marketing approaches for hundreds of B2B clients across a variety of industries. Our expertise and strategy across these domains has given us the experience and knowledge to serve our clients and grow their pipelines sustainably.

We have an in-house team of sales experts with a wide array of skill-sets that we draw on for each client to deliver the best possible result no matter the conditions.

We don't over promise, and if we don't think we are the right fit, we will tell you that and help you find someone who is.

We are a full service marketing agency, from digital marketing to sales development and outsourced inside sales, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.

If you're interested in our SDR services that can drive traffic to your business and create sustainable growth, fill out our contact form or call us at 832-365-0730.  We are happy to provide free consultations to explore how we can generate more revenue for your business!

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