How to Close New Business in Weeks With Inside Sales Outsourcing

Depending on the season and various unpredictable events, most businesses will experience sales ups and downs. There are ebbs and flows, and hiring a full sales team to operate in-house might not make sense fiscally for you. When there's more demand for your services, it stands to reason that a sales team would be necessary to facilitate your actual business. If demand slips, that would amount to wasted time and salaries.

An outsourced internal sales team strikes a good middle ground. If the goal is to prevent unnecessary turnovers, safeguard against wasted expenditure, and make sales, you need a workforce. Specifically, you need a workforce minus the full-time. An outsourced sales team doesn't require hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews. You buy into the service, your team has already been vetted, and you start generating sales.

With the understanding that your team works offsite, you can streamline operations and avoid having to lay people off when sales are down. And, at some point, they will be down. Not because of anything you've necessarily done, but because that's the nature of sales.

It's estimated that 300.000 positions across various fields are outsourced every year, including sales. Let's take a closer look at a few more benefits of this process for closing more sales for your business, right now.  

The Small Matter of Expertise

Never underestimate the value of skilled workers in your business, no matter your industry. This goes for sales teams as well. Companies can take advantage of sales boutiques and their experience across different industries. You're bringing in new ideas, fresh perspectives, and improved technology, all of which is being put to use in your favor. This is a big part of why businesses outsource any service, taking the responsibility off of your shoulders, but leaving you with all the benefits.

Outsourced sales also allow sales leaders to strengthen their benchmarking. Access to professionals from specific verticals means access to experience that matters to you.

Get To Market Quicker

Outsourcing your lead generation and development has another benefit: access to professional resources. Outsourcing sales companies do this for a living. They have proven best practices and resources in place to put their sales stories in front of more people. However good your ideal in-house team might be, there's going to be a period where they have to build up their resources, connections, and funnels. Not so with a quality outsourced sales and marketing team.

A solid network plays an indispensable role in your marketing ROI. It's where an outsourced service really gets its chance to shine. You'll save time on training your team because your team is already trained. And you'll reduce the overall cost of your sales by restricting payments to projects and not hours worked in your physical office. This means a direct correlation between what is being paid and what you're getting back.

So How Effective Is Outsourcing For Closing Sales?

Even when a company offers an "unbeatable" service, managing your sales process from beginning to end can be a lot. Your sales team ends up having to man any and all of the following processes:

  • researching, refining, and building a target audience
  • crafting a story to go with your products or services
  • generating reliable leads
  • closing sales with those leads
  • maintaining relevance and convert followers into sales

Of course, that is all provided the sales are actually closing. Even business with expert services, quality products, and competitive customer care can lag behind in the sales department. Maybe it's seasonal. Maybe not. There are so many reasons for this kind of decline in sales, and many of them may not even be in your control.

Outsourcing sales is a good opportunity to bring in fresh blood. A new perspective. Even new technology you might not have had access to on your own. The potential is all there. With outsourcing websites and agencies being more sophisticated, there's less room for manipulation.

You'll Close More Sales, Too

While this isn't a guarantee, it is worth noting that bringing on an outsourced sales team also increases your own likelihood of closing more meaningful sales. When interviewed, roughly 57% of respondents said outsourcing had allowed them to focus on more important core business processes. For you, this could very well be focusing on more expensive sales, with the basics handled by a professional. With the essentials out of the way and basic business operations taken care of by your day-to-day sales, it allows you to dream big.

Small Business and Operational Costs

In the early years of a business, having access to expertise can help you avoid several common first-time mistakes. Customer growth, in particular, is really important. This is the soil in which your future sales and marketing efforts will all grow. Without an experienced professional to help you develop yours, you'll end up paying for variable expenses you don't need.

  • Infrastructure investments are necessary but can really hurt your budget in your early years. Subscriptions to various marketing platforms are important, but why not let somebody else take care of them?
  • Full-time sales staff, once again, are very useful but might be more trouble than they're worth for a fledgling business. Instead, it's often better to go offsite, with an outsourced pro you only have to pay for work submitted.
  • Managing sales talent, support, operations managers and other team members can and will get costly, quickly. Outsourcing is a more reserved approach, giving you increased control over your team and helping to reduce overheads.

Close New Business In Weeks With Sales Outsourcing

Ultimately, a business is a machine, and that machine is only as good as the parts that make it up. Statistics show that 80% of businesses are less than keen on outsourcing marketing and sales positions. They may tend to be reluctant to invest in outsourced sales. They may feel like they're giving up control as their team spreads out to remote locations. The truth is, though, that taking your sales offsite not only helps to keep costs low but provides your team with the incentive to close more deals.

For new businesses, sales outsourcing is a no-brainer, giving you access to resources, networks and skill bases you might never have had access to. And, as your team, network and sales all grow, you have the flexibility you need to build your onsite team later, as needed. Or never at all, if sales keep coming in and you like the pace you've set for yourself. The beauty of this approach is in choosing for yourself

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Dora Fredenburg

Hailing from Croatia, Dora is best known in the office for her deadly side-eye, her love of Instagram dogs, and her relentless pursuit to help her clients grow faster in a way that is both sustainable and good for their customers.

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