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Analyze the benefits of multi-channel marketing plans and dedicated outsourced sales teams.

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i Solution Complexity is a combined measure of how large or small the market is for your product/service, how much competition there is in your market, and the role/level of your target customer.

Smaller markets, higher target contact levels, and higher competition increase the complexity of your solution.
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This calculator is meant to give suggestions, but every business has unique dynamics and differentiation.  A multi-channel marketing strategy must be catered to your specific niche to be truly effective.  We'd love to talk to you and help you get a more accurate picture of how to generate sustainable growth for your business.  Book a free 30-minute business consultation with a ProSales growth expert to learn more!

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When you need a higher volume of sales appointments, we’ll make cold calls for you, qualify your prospects, and schedule meetings for your team. Could you make your goals if we doubled your sales meetings? Schedule a 30-min exploratory call and let us deliver qualified sales meetings for your team.

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