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We believe when great companies succeed the world becomes a better place.

We strive to be the partner you trust by strictly adhering to 3 core principles:


Always do what is right, especially when it is most difficult.


Don't just protect our client's brand, improve it. CHAMPION'S ATTITUDE: Always be friendly and kind. Professionalism is paramount. Collaboration over competition.


Always be friendly and kind. Professionalism is paramount. Collaboration over competition.

Learn Why We are Different

Strong Leadership

Established in November of 2008 by Founder and CEO, Mike Faherty, we have a long track record of success.

No Outside Funding

The business has been “boot-strapped” from the very beginning and never taken any outside funding.

Consistent Growth

ProSales Connection has consistently grown revenues every year since the launch.

Creativity and Flexibility

Our loyal clients love our creativity, flexibility, responsiveness and doggedness.

We Set Real Meetings

We have made a name for ourselves by setting REAL scheduled sales meetings for our clients through accepted Outlook invitations.

We Keep You Informed

In an industry where marketing firms offer lots of “sizzle and no steak” we are proud to never have sent a sales person to a meeting where the prospect didn’t know they were coming and what the objective of the meeting was.

We Don't Waste your Time

No “he just wants to drop some material off” meetings are acceptable here.

No Scripts

No Scripts!!! We have great conversations designed through custom call plans.

Lead Qualification

We take the time to pre-qualify your ideal prospects through our unique discovery process resulting in quality meetings for your valuable sales team.


We have executed wildly successful programs for clients across hardware, software, public sector/education, energy, finance, and logistics markets.

How we can help you...

For Founders and Chief Officers

If you need a predictable pipeline that operates at scale and are considering an outsourced partner who can help you reach your growth targets, then schedule a 30-min exploratory call with us.

For Marketing Leaders

You're working hard to generate leads and getting inconsistent results. We'll increase your lead flow, then phone qualify each lead before scheduling real meetings for your sales team. Plus, we'll provide you clear reporting on every phase of the process. Schedule a 30-min exploratory call to see how we can help.

For Sales Leaders

When you need a higher volume of sales appointments, we’ll make cold calls for you, qualify your prospects, and schedule meetings for your team. Could you make your goals if we doubled your sales meetings? Schedule a 30-min exploratory call and let us deliver qualified sales meetings for your team.

For Sales and Marketing Team Members

Having a hard time building a sales pipeline of new qualified leads and sales meetings? We can help. Get access to our time-tested process. Watch over our shoulder as we show you the exact process we've used for over 12 years to generate leads, book meetings, and close deals.  Access our content here.

Getting started is simple.

Here's what the next 3 steps look like.


Schedule a 30-min exploratory call so we can better understand your goals and priorities and find out if we should continue the conversation.


We prepare a Customized Solution Presentation to demonstrate to you how we'll achieve the Fastest Path To Revenue©️ for your organization.


We want to earn business. You'll receive a simple and straight-forward agreement that includes clear deliverables without a long-term commitment.

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