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Why you want to be a Digital Marketing Coordinator at ProSales Connection, a B2B marketing agency—written and approved by Digital Marketing Coordinators at ProSales Connection.

The single sentence overview of the job is simple. You help businesses grow faster.

To accomplish this, the most important quality for you to have is to be ready to learn. You’ll be working closely with a team of sales and marketing veterans, so you will have plenty of resources for professional growth.

Beyond that, you will need to have or be prepared to develop the following skills:

Solving strategic business challenges

Our clients are unique. They come from different industries with different assets at different times in the startup business life-cycle. You won’t be able to apply a cookie-cutter solution to achieve success—solving their unique challenges should be something that excites you.

Developing messaging

Creating powerful sales copy will become one of your most essential tools in this job. Each week, we look at a spammy email that we received, break down what we hate about it, and then make a message that looks nothing like that. Be prepared to work in a collaborative environment and constantly improve. While you won’t be operating as a salesperson, sales experience (and writing experience) will come in handy.

Maintaining client accounts

Each marketing client has a coordinator assigned as the primary point of contact. This means that you will be the conduit for all communication between the client and our various departments, will attend weekly client meetings, and will be held primarily responsible for ensuring that nothing slips between the cracks.

Completing recurring tasks with rigor and discipline

We believe that everyone should take charge of their own growth and hold themselves to a high standard. As you achieve success for your client, things like managing email responses, starting new campaigns, and finding contacts will become routine—but you should never stop looking for ways to do things better.

What you’ll love about the job:

  • Your capacity to learn will be valued higher than what you have learned, making it a perfect entry-level job
  • You’ll work in an office with a work culture that has been established from the top-down of collaborating, being friendly, being ethical, and praising success.
  • Remote work Wednesdays
  • Getting off work at 3 PM on Fridays
  • The ability to work with clients that have created a product that can have a significant effect on the world
  • In a small office work environment, you’ll be able to contribute at every level of the business process—you won’t be put into a corner and told to repeat the same task ad nauseam.

We want you to apply if:

  • You are available to work in Spring, TX
  • You have a passion for learning
  • You are motivated to make your own success
  • You have an interest or experience in B2B marketing
  • You have a background in writing, sales, or marketing—or are confident that you can excel without it.

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