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I thought I would start today’s blog on ways to never get past the gatekeeper with a sports analogy.

If the process of selling was a basketball game, moving beyond the gatekeeper is akin to the inbound play. The offense can’t move the ball or score until they can effectively pass the ball into the field of play and maintain possession. Although I make the point below that the gatekeeper is NOT the enemy, they are, in effect, playing defense and your role is to find a way past the defense to engage the decision-maker.

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Last week, I connected with a former colleague on LinkedIn.  As I checked out his profile, I noticed that he was now working for a new technology company. Not only had I never even heard of the company before, but the name of the company also didn’t clarify the products or services offered. Now my curiosity was piqued, but once I tracked down the company's LinkedIn page to learn more, I was really disappointed.

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